Saint Joseph Public School firmly believes that adding the 21st-century edge to education empowers learners. We have created an environment conducive to the all-round development of our students.

Learning alone doesn’t develop essential skills like critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration in children. Unlearning and relearning processes are equally important in developing these 21st-century skills as they let one analyse, evaluate and challenge the acquired knowledge to ensure it is relevant and up to date. We encourage a teaching methodology that fosters the 4Cs essential to distinguish oneself from the rest in today’s world.

Our Aim
To create an ambience vibrant with the active participation of students

Our Vision
To provide high-standard modern teachings that blend with our traditional values

Our Mission
To teach students to think logically, judge critically and communicate clearly

Our Faith
We believe that excellence is the very essence of education and the ultimate objective.

Our Culture
We teach through activities, worksheets, projects, field trips, creative art, plays, elocutions, quizzes, educational tours and much more. Several themes such as patriotism, love for humanity and compassion, empathy, caring and sharing, honesty, sincerity and self-reliance are selected and these values are taught in classes using skits, dance-dramas, extempore, tableau and flash mobs to nurture student’s talents. The said activities are then showcased in talent shows and competitions.