eutral Tonality SOlution Codeforces

eutral Tonality SOlution Codeforces You are given an array a� consisting of n� integers, as well as an array b� consisting of m� integers. Let LIS(c)LIS(�) denote the length of theof array c�. For example, LIS([2,1–,1,3–])LIS([2,1_,1,3_]) = 22, LIS([1–,7–,9–])LIS([1_,7_,9_]) = 33, LIS([3,1–,2–,4–])LIS([3,1_,2_,4_]) = 33. You need to insert the numbers b1,b2,…,bm�1,�2,…,�� into the array a�, at any positions, in any order. Let the resulting array be c1,c2,…,cn+m�1,�2,…,��+�. You need to choose the positions for insertion in order to minimize LIS(c)LIS(�). … Read more